musk attar


Chandan Ittar (Mercury)

Motia Ittar (Mars)

Gulab ittar(Venus)

Chameli ittar(Saturn)

Musk ittar(Attar)

Kewara ittar(Jupiter)

Khuskhus ittar(Rahu)

Rat Ke Rani Attar(Moon)

Shama Attar(Ketu)


In Hindi it is known as Musk-a-amber. It is derived from the juice of mixture of flowers. Musk ittar is used mostly in tantrik rites. Diyas containing this ittar mixed in oil are lit to attract goddess Laxmi. 
This Musk ittar is also used successfully by males who want to woo the opposite sex. This is said to give an unfair advantage to a male. 
Price :Rs.250.00 
VENUS    :    GULAB (Attars/Ittars)
MARS     :     MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
MERCURY    :    CHANDAN (Attars/Ittars)
SUN    :    MOTIA (Attars/Ittars)
JUPITER    :    KEWARA (Attars/Ittars)
MOON    :    RAAT KI RANI (Attars/Ittars)
SATURN    :    CHAMELI (Attars/Ittars)
RAHU    :    KHUSKHUS (Attars/Ittars)
KETU    :    SHAMA (Attars/Ittars)