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  •    About Moonga

    Moonga Moonga Stone : At Gem Selections we have a range of Moonga i.e., Moonga from Rs. 650/ Rt to Rs. 3500/ Rt.

    You can have a look at these collections and decide what you want as per your requirement and budget.

    What ever you buy comes with a Lab Certificate, bill and Guarantee of purity and originality from our company and its promoter Mr. Pankaj Khanna.

    Moonga Stone ( Coral ): This is the Moonga stone of Hanumanjee ,it bestows upon a person courage and strength. This also improves the muscular system and improve the capability of bone-marrow to produce red blood cells .It improves the process of absorption of oxygen by the lungs and there by gives strength to the entire body and removes many diseases which are not understood by the medical profession . This also removes the effect of tantra and evil spirits. If you have uncomfortable dreams this is a must for you . Quality : Premium

    Moonga Stone is the Gemstone of planet mars (Mangal) which is an auspicious planet to bring physical strength, happiness, encouragement, health, confidence and mental health to a person.

    Specific Gravity and hardness of Moonga stone

    Its specific Gravity is 2.68 and hardness is less than 4 on the Moh's scale.

    The basic composition of this gem is calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

    Red coral or Moonga Stone carries an enormous amount of benefits.

    Moonga Stone is the Gemstone of Mars/ Mangal as per Indian Astrology.
    Moonga Stone is the birthstone for Aries sunsign (20 March 19 April).
    Moonga stone (Red Coral) IS AVAILABLE WITH US FROM Rs. 650.00 Per Ratti TO Rs. 3500.00 Per Ratti DEPENDING ON QUALITY AND SIZE.


    UPTO 6.25 RATTI RS. 650.00 PER RATTI
    7.25 RATTI TO 11.25 RATTI RS. 850.00 PER RATTI
    11.25 RATTI TO 31 RATTI RS. 1500.00 PER RATTI


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